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Our mission Teresa Toda Homes has the mission of welcoming and caring for girls and adolescents from 6 to 17 years of age, who are in need or helplessness due to the impossibility or inability to be cared for by their own family, or because they suffer from this, abandonment or abuse. Offering them in a family environment a comprehensive education.



Las Carmelitas Teresas de San José

The Carmelite Teresas of San José arrived in Puerto Rico on September 10, 1979. They began to carry out their mission in education and ministry, responding to the human and spiritual needs of the communities in the eastern area of Puerto Rico. They were very successful beginnings in the pastoral work of the Fajardo community, collaborating and organizing catechesis, accompanying the celebrations of the different communities and providing the service of educating in faith the Santiago Apóstol school in Religion classes. Ten years loaded with efforts, like all the work camps with their lights and shadows, joys and sufferings, but with the hope that the congregation would be present in Puerto Rico. In July 1989, the General Government in agreement with the government of the Santo Domingo Delegation decided to withdraw the Fajardo community, closing the Mission that the Congregation carried out in the Santiago Apóstol Parish, and moved to the Loíza community, thus continuing our desire to remain in these borinqueñas lands in order to continue expanding and consolidating the Kingdom of God. The work of our Teresa Toda Homes began on March 19, 1993, with the intention of helping to improve the standard of living of Loíza and, especially, girls who suffer some type of orphanhood. A start of new Homes at the service of a people that we wish every day more human and happy, that can experience the love of God that continues to encourage us to be able to live as brothers and their children. The original residence accommodates up to 14 residents. As part of a growth and training project in 2002, construction of new facilities began, including homes with two identical bedroom units with 14 private rooms in each unit. The first one for young people between 13 and 17 years old and the second one serves to welcome young people from 18 years old onwards in an independent life plan.



Welcome! We hope your visit is pleasant.

Hogares Teresa Toda and its projects are a work of Las Hermanas Carmelitas Teresas de San José from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Our projects open their doors to serve not only our girls and young people but also the community in general. Among these is the Teresiano Polytechnic, offering vocational courses, personal and community development workshops and El Carmelo Residence, offering independent housing with 14 private rooms for young people 18 and older who have passed the age of institutional care but lack the real family support necessary to successfully embark on their new stage as young adults.

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