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About us

Hogares Teresa Toda, founded by the Carmelite Sisters Teresas of San José on March 19, 1993, is a non-profit entity whose mission is a house-home to welcome and educate girls and young women who are helpless, abused and affected by any type of orphanhood.


Hogares Teresa Toda are a private center, collaborating with the Department of the Family. The recipients are people who can have a normal life, but need the security and affection of a home.

Historical Background

The congregation of Teresa Carmelite Sisters of Saint Joseph was founded by Teresa Toda and her daughter Teresa Guasch Toda in the city of Barcelona (Spain), on February 22, 1878. Their mission focuses on extending and consolidating the Kingdom of God through of education in schools, homes for boys and girls in situations of family risk, catechesis, mission adgentes among others, in several cities in Spain, in countries in America and Africa


Teresa Toda Juncosa


Teresa Guasch Toda


Welcome and care for girls and adolescents from 6 to 17 years and 11 months, who are in a situation of need or helplessness due to the impossibility or inability to be cared for by their own family, or because they are suffering from abandonment. or abuse. Offering them a comprehensive education in a family environment. We provide them with the necessary support so that they can heal and overcome traumatic events with a trauma-informed approach.


Our vision

We want to present to our society a praxis that defends and makes life grow in the midst of violence. Promote the fundamental rights of children and youth and provide quality human, social and Christian education to girls and young people and their families, so that it has a positive impact on the transformation of their environment.


Our goal

Provide residents with a safe, structured and therapeutic environment where they can overcome  and manage the effects related to traumatic experiences


They are provided by the staff of Hogares Teresa Toda 

  • Needs Assessment

  • Social Work Services

  • Psychological Services

  • Nursing Services

  • Nutrition Services

  • Housing Facilities

  • Educational services

  • Recreational Services 

  • Transportation/Escort

  • Spiritual Services

  • Referred to Government, Municipal and Community Programs

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During the year 2021, HTT served a total of 33 participants. 97% of the participants were in the custody of the Department of the Family.

The clientele to whom we offer services are girls and young people between the ages of six (6) to seventeen years and 11 months (17.11). 96% of referrals come from the Family Department. The participants have a serious family and social history that affects their development due to adverse factors such as crime, violence, physical, emotional, sexual abuse, neglect, extreme poverty, among others. The girls and young people come from all over the island. Our data reflects that by 2021, 48% of the participants received pharmacological treatment in mental health to address symptoms related to depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, disorders related to trauma and stress factors, destructive disorders, impulse control and behavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders



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